Twitch Creative Cosplay Contest at Twitchcon!

Twitch Creative Cosplay Contest at Twitchcon!

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Woah! Twitch is hosting a massive cosplay contest, at TwitchCon!!

I don't know what's more impressive - 
That you can enter by streaming your costume progress on Creative...
That the final 20 contestants will get flown out to Twitchcon, September 30th - October 2nd at the San Diego Convention Center...
Or, that they are handing out $63,000 in prizes for the best entries at the event!

I am honored to be invited as a Judge, but reading all the contest details makes me table flipping stoked for all the great talent we will see!!

I LOVE that contestants get to not only share their final costumes, but also their crafting process via Twitch streaming! This is the first costume contest I will partake in, where live creative footage is a judging factor! We live in the future!!!!

Check out the Official Blog post!

If you wanna join this amazing contest, read the Entry Form/Rules.

And of course, contestants will broadcast on Twitch Creative!

Best of luck to you all!!

(Artwork by GeersArt)

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